About the company

About the company

We bet on modernity and experience in terms of freight forwarding and logistics. We hold all the necessary certificates and permits, and have at our disposal a modern fleet guaranteeing us a stable position in the transport, forwarding and logistics market.

We constantly expand our fleet, which presently numbers over 100 vehicles, providing loading capacities between 1.5 t to 24 t, conforming to Euro VI requirements.

Over the span of 23 years of our activity, we have acquired the reputation of a reliable and competent partner, whom world-class companies contract to transport their goods.

We are able to help solve all problems in terms of international transport, forwarding and logistics. Our top goal is continued improvement and the maintenance of top standards in terms of customer service.

Our professional and experienced team of forwarders, drivers, mechanics and warehouse specialists is of great importance to us. Their main task is to adapt our services to the individual needs of every customer.

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Our history

Begin operations

13 December 1993

The company commenced its activities on September 18th, 1993. The political and economic transformation of the times was advantageous in terms of forming one’s own business. Despite the difficult beginnings, as in the first year, our company had at its disposal just a single truck, we were able to spread our wings quite quickly. Thanks to smart management and the employment of an experienced forwarding team and multiple drivers, our company was able to soon expand its activity by several new vehicles.

Heavy weight

18 September 2001

Thanks to the ever-improving financial standing of Coltrans, the management reached the decision to purchase new types of trucks. Beside medium-weight trucks, beginning in September 2001, our company expanded its fleet by several tractor trucks along with trailers. This allowed us to gain many new customers, and also to strengthen our position in the transport market.

New company seat

18 September 2007

The purchase of a high number of new vehicles, and the employment of several new people, brought with itself rapid expansion of Coltrans. The management was forced to purchase new land for the trucks, and in addition – to construct a new company headquarters, where our offices are found to this day. Since the moment of the move, meaning, from September 18th, 2007, much has changed at our offices. The prime change is a new storey, being the result of the employment of new forwarding specialists and the expansion of our activity along with the purchase of new trucks. Together with the move to the new headquarters, our company had also undergone a true computing revolution. The management invested in new hardware and software that simplified the work of our forwarders and other employees. The data flow between the individual departments also improved. A GPS system was installed to monitor our vehicle fleet.

Business Gazelle

18 September 2010
Business Gazelle

In the year 2010, our company was for the first time distinguished in the most prestigious ranking of SMEs in Poland – the Business Gazelles, organised by the Puls Biznesu magazine. For six years we have been placed on this list of Poland’s most dynamically expanding companies. An important part of this award is the fact that the companies are chosen based on their financial results for the past three years. This only confirms that Coltrans is a reliable and trustworthy business partner in the transport industry.

Transition to a limited liability company

3 July 2015

Coltrans changed its legal form from a general partnership to a limited liability company.

Golden reliability certificate

18 September 2015

The golden business reliability certificate is a further award, which Coltrans has received. We have first received it in the year 2015, only to be recognised a second time in the year 2016. Similarly to the Business Gazelle, this is a certificate awarded only and exclusively to proven financially liquid companies, the level of debt at which is low. Apart from that, into account taken are also business contacts and the opinions of these partners.